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An excerpt from the New York-based art critic, Margarita Shklerevskaya's, article about Julia Ayzman:

"It is the combination of Ayzman's European heritage, painterly vitality, spatial depth, solidity, sensuality, and artistic objectivity that she admired in the old masters, coupled with her awakened sensibility to the multiculturalism of New York that gives her paintings a breathtaking intensity. With unflinching directness, she engages the viewer through bold, tactical paint handling and high emotional charge that is dynamic and extravagant.

Ayzman's works seem to carry an aura of an atmosphere around them and expand and contract in that atmosphere like a living being. As we are drawn into her paintings, her characters reveal themselves with the same abandon used by the artist in her bold technique. Ayzman is a remarkable portraitist, but one who has not become a hostage of portrait art. She is also a landscape and still life painter who feels the soul of nature finely and deeply, just as she captures the soul of her sitter. 

Ayzman has the rare ability to grasp the essence of her subject in a way that transcends definition, to reach a harmony of compositional, picturesque, and color solutions, always interesting and unexpected. There is little doubt that Ayzman is an outstanding expressionist artist, whose works give new meaning to expressionism."

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